National Prostate Cancer Audit

Project Board

Project Board

The Project Team reports to the Project Board, providing formal accountability for the delivery of the audit to lead professional bodies, the commissioning body (HQIP) and the commissioned organisation (RCS). The Project Board are responsible for monitoring the delivery of the audit's milestones, for agreeing tolerances and providing the escalation route for key risks and issues.

The current representatives on the Project Board are:

Professor Derek Alderson
NPCA Project Board Chair

Professor Noel Clarke
Lead Urologist, Project Team

Professor Heather Payne
Lead Oncologist, Project Team

Dr Jem Rashbass
Lead Cancer Registration, Project Team

Professor Jan van der Meulen
Lead Methodologist, Project Team

Dr Julie Nossiter
NPCA Project Manager

Mr Roger Kockelbegh
National Cancer Information Network Urology Clinical Reference Group

Dr Simon Russell
British Uro-Oncology Group

Professor Howard Kynaston
British Association of Urological Surgeons

Dr Sarah Cant
Prostate Cancer UK

David McKinlay