NPCA Quality Improvement Workshop 2021

Reducing variation in the treatment of men with high-risk/locally advanced prostate cancer

Thursday 16th December 2021
9am – 11am, online via Zoom

Following the success of the first NPCA QI workshop , held in December 2019, we invite you to join us once again to hear findings from the NPCA and perspectives from guest speakers, and to participate in discussions around how to reduce variation in treatment for this group of men with prostate cancer.

The aim of the workshop is to utilise the results of the NPCA to stimulate quality improvement activities with the ultimate aim of reducing variation in the treatment of men with high-risk/locally advanced prostate cancer.

The programme will include presentations, panel discussions with guest speakers and interactive sessions on:

  • The impact of Covid-19: Lessons learnt during the pandemic, the implications for the recovery of prostate cancer services and the changes in diagnostic and treatment methods which have become established.
  • The determinants of variation in the under-treatment and types of treatment of men with high risk/locally advanced disease, including:

⇒Multi-disciplinary management of patients with high risk/locally advanced disease

⇒How do we reduce variation in access to treatment for all men

⇒Differences in treatment modalities currently being used and why there is such variation.

The workshop will take place online, with plenty of interactive elements and opportunities for discussion and debate.

Admission is free.

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To access the workshop programme please follow the link below.

NPCA QI workshop programme

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