NPCA Annual Report 2021

Published January 2022

NPCA Annual Report 2021

NPCA Methodology Supplement 2021

Quality Improvement Action Plan template AR2021

The National Prostate Cancer Audit (NPCA) determines whether the care received by men diagnosed with prostate cancer in England and Wales is consistent with current recommended practice and provides information to support healthcare providers, commissioners and regulators in helping improve care for patients. The NPCA reports on process and outcome measures from all aspects of the care pathway for men with prostate cancer.

In the 2021 Annual Report, we present the results for patients diagnosed between 1st April 2019 and 31st March 2020 in England and Wales including:

1. The participation of NHS providers and the completeness and quality of the data submitted to the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS), Public Health England and the Wales Cancer Network, Public Health Wales.

2. Patient demographic information and key aspects of the diagnostic and staging process they underwent and the treatments they received .

3. Treatment outcomes (up to two years post-treatment) for men in England and Wales undergoing radical prostatectomy (RP) or radical external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) in 2018.

4. The variation in treatment for men with low-risk, localised disease and high-risk/locally advanced disease in Wales only.

In addition, we also present:

5. The impact of COVID-19 on the diagnosis of prostate cancer, receipt of radical treatment and systemic therapy in England only.

Individual provider results and reports are available enabling regional and national comparisons to support local QI.

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