Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Specialist MDT: Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Men diagnosed at this hospital trust can access the following services:

  • Diagnostic Facilities:
    • Multiparametric MRI
    • Transperineal biopsy under local anaesthetic
    • Transperineal biopsy under general anaesthetic
    • Whole body MRI
    • Isotope bone scan
    • One-stop diagnostic clinic
  • Treatment Facilities:
    • Chemotherapy
  • Support Service Facilities:
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in all clinics
    • Prostate cancer-specific CNSs
    • Urology CNS
    • Sexual function services
    • Psychological counselling
    • Genetic counselling

Data Quality

Diagnosing Trust Specialist MDT
No. of Cancer Registry records 192 845
Performance Status recorded 71% 78%
PSA completed 11% 75%
Gleason Score completed N/A N/A
TNM completed 70% 62%
Stage variable assigned 86% 91%

Disease Presentation

Specialist MDT National
No. of men with disease status determined 784 23477
Percentage of men diagnosed with metastatic disease 21% 17%
No. of men diagnosed with M1 (metastases) 164 N/A


These indicators could not be reported this year for England as we were unable to assign a patient to a particular risk group due to the unavailability of information on Gleason score in the Rapid Cancer Registration Dataset