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Thank you for your continued support during the second year of the NPCA prospective audit of prostate cancer care in England and Wales. Data collection about the diagnosis, management and treatment of every patient newly diagnosed with prostate cancer started on the 1st April 2014 in England. Participation is mandated for each Trust providing prostate cancer services and the NPCA is included in the Quality Accounts list each year.

To ensure the burden of data collection is kept to a minimum, the majority of items in the NPCA minimum dataset (MDS) are from the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) and are routinely collected as part of the existing flow of data to the National Cancer Registration Service (NCRS). The NPCA data set also includes a limited number of additional items created for the NPCA, each of which is essential for answering the key questions that the audit was commissioned to address but at present are not collected within COSD. Data submission for the NPCA is monthly in keeping with the COSD submission schedule.

Following feedback from users and subsequent review by the NPCA Project Team in consultation with MDT system suppliers and the NCRS, the following minor clarifications/changes were made to the NPCA MDS for collection from 1st April 2015:

MDS 1: data items collected for all men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer

  1. NPCA08 Specialist referral appointments – the wording of two response categories has been amended.
  2. NPCA09 Planned prostate cancer treatment as agreed with the patient – a single care plan that has been agreed with the patient will now be collected (this is NOT the options agreed at MDT for discussion with the patient).

MDS 2: data items collected for all men who have undergone a radical prostatectomy

  1. CR0660 Consultant code (treatment) – you are advised that the NPCA will report surgeon level outcomes on the basis of CR0660, which captures the surgeon responsible for the treatment of the patient, which may not always be same as the surgeon who performs the radical prostatectomy.
  2. CR0890 Number of nodes examined and CR0900 Number of nodes positive – both data items have been removed from the NPCA MDS
  3. NEW NPCA21 Lymphadenectomy performed – a new data item has been created
  4. BAUS Q20 Procedure Nerve sparing – the NCRS reports that non-Somerset Cancer Registry IT system users may be capturing an incorrect response category ‘Not known’. Please ensure this variable is deleted from your data collection system.

A detailed MDS specification, Data Dictionary and Summary are available for download here.

Please contact your local NCRS Data Liaison representative should you have any queries related to the collection and submission of data for the NPCA prospective audit.

The collection and submission of high quality data underpins the ability of the NPCA to determine whether the care that men with prostate cancer receive is in keeping with recommended practice and to identify areas where improvements are needed. Keep sending in your data!

The NPCA Project Team


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