National Prostate Cancer Audit

Annual Report 2017

NPCA Annual Report 2017

In this fourth Annual Report, we present the results for patients diagnosed between 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 in England and Wales including:

  • Trust and Health Board participation in the NPCA, including data completeness and data quality
  • The characteristics of all men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, information regarding diagnosis and staging, and initial treatments in England and Wales
  • The variation in disease presentation in England and Wales
  • Finally, we report on the performance of NHS Providers in England across the patient pathway from diagnosis and treatment allocation to the outcomes following treatment.

For the first time, the NPCA presents validated performance indictors capturing treatment-related toxicity, which allow the quality of radical treatments delivered in England to be measured and compared between providers and enabling areas where quality improvement is required to be identified.