National Prostate Cancer Audit

Annual Report 2014

NPCA First Year Annual Report 2014

First results from the National Prostate Cancer Audit in England and Wales were published on the 10th November 2014.

The NPCA First Year Annual Report – Organisation of Services and Analysis of Existing Clinical Data includes a preliminary analysis of the NPCA’s organisational audit, an analysis of existing data sets including patients with prostate cancer in England, and the design of the NPCA’s prospective audit dataset. An executive summary of the annual report is also available for download.

A further report of NHS provider level data from the organisational audit was published on the 13th February 2015. This report indicates whether key diagnostic, staging and therapeutic facilities are available on site for each provider of prostate cancer services. The results for England and Wales are arranged alphabetically according to specialist MDT unit. NHS providers that do not have particular facilities on site can offer these services by referring patients to other hospitals.

The results presented in the NHS provider level report provide a snapshot of the organisation of key prostate cancer services in December 2014. This report was reviewed by clinical leads of the providers in January 2015.


Download NPCA 2014 Annual Report


Download NPCA 2014 Executive Summary


Download NPCA NHS Provider Level organisational audit report