National Prostate Cancer Audit



The aim of the audit is to investigate the process of care and its outcomes in men diagnosed with prostate cancer in England and Wales. The audit will provide key information on current practice and outcomes that will be compared against NICE Quality Standards for prostate cancer, which are currently in development.

The principal audit questions will examine:

  • service delivery and organisation of care in England and Wales
  • characteristics of newly-diagnosed prostate cancer, how the cancer was detected and the referral pathway
  • diagnostic and staging process and planning of initial treatment
  • initial treatments received
  • patient experience and health outcomes 18 months after diagnosis
  • overall and disease-free survival
  • feasibility of a PSA testing audit in primary care

The audit started on the 1st of April 2013 and will continue for a minimum of 5 years. NPCA is the first National Clinical Audit designed not only to address unanswered questions in prostate cancer care but also to develop a national data collection system enabling the collection of complete, accurate and timely data with minimum burden on patients and staff, utilising the National Cancer Registration Service.

The audit is also the first National Clinical Audit to find out from patients what the impact of radical treatment has on their lives, using patient-reported outcomes and experience measures.