National Prostate Cancer Audit



In year one:

1. carry out an organisational audit of prostate cancer care in England and Wales

2. analyse existing data to provide comparative background data for the audit

3. develop a national data collection system for a prospective audit that can collect complete and accurate data in a timely fashion with minimum burden to staff

4. design a short and simple minimum dataset for the prospective audit that will be incorporated into MDT information systems

5. carry out a scoping exercise for the feasibility study of PSA testing in primary care

In year two:

6. collect prospective data from each newly-diagnosed patient discussed at an MDT meeting, which will continue throughout the audit

7. carry out a feasibility study for an audit of PSA testing in primary care

In year three:

8. collect patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) from all patients with localised prostate cancer who are candidates for active monitoring or radical treatment 18 months after diagnosis , which will also continue throughout the audit